Welcome statement




Dear ICGC Attendee,

On behalf of the Italian Corporate Governance Committee, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the third edition of the Italy Corporate Governance Conference, created and organized by Assogestioni and Assonime in cooperation with the OECD and with the support of Borsa Italiana.

Since 2014, every year the Conference offers the international financial community the opportunity to develop a dialogue on an array of corporate governance topics, starting from the Italian perspective, and aims to identify the ways to support the key role of corporate governance in value creation and economic growth.

This year, debates will involve high-profile representatives from public institutions, issuers and both national and international investors in the analysis of the major challenges for the corporate governance framework regarding the ability of capital markets to attract new companies and to support their growth, that are particularly relevant in Europe and in Italy.

Rules more proportionate and flexible, companies more oriented to long-term sustainable strategies, board more “on task” and more responsible for their composition and functioning are the main topics we suggest to look around the corner.



Patrizia Grieco

Chairman of the Italian Corporate Governance Committee