2.00 pm


3.00 pm

Welcome speech:

Raffaele Jerusalmi, CEO – Borsa Italiana

3.15 pm


Gabriele Galateri di Genola, Chairman – Italian Corporate Governance
Committee and Generali

3.30 pm

Opening Speech:

Claudio De Vincenti, State Secretary to the Prime Minister – Italy

4.00 pm

Stewardship in principle and in practice

Current developments in participation by institutional investors in investee listed companies show
an evolving landscape of interactions with the management and directors. Stewardship principles
frame investors’ engagement practices towards issuers and serve as standards in shaping their
involvement in corporate matters and their relations with corporate bodies. The aim of the panel is to
analyze the evolution of such practices.

Introductory speech: Stephen M. Davis, Associate Director and Senior Fellow, Program
on Corporate Governance – Harvard Law School

1. Hsieh Fu Hua, Chairman – United Overseas Bank
2. Andrea Ghidoni, Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee – Assogestioni
3. Alberto Giovannini, Chairman – Salini Impregilo
4. Maria Patrizia Grieco, Chairman – Enel
5. Claudia Kruse, Managing Director Sustainability & Governance – APG AM

Coordinator: Stefano Micossi, Director General – Assonime

5.15 pm

Coffee break

5.45 pm

Say on…: shareholders’ vote on remuneration and related party transactions

The revision of the Shareholder Rights Directive puts great emphasis on the role of shareholders in
specific governance-related matters, such as directors’ remuneration and related party transactions.
The Italian regulation positions itself amongst those jurisdictions already equipped with a robust
regulatory framework in this regard. The panel aims to discuss the implications of the exercise of this
“voice”, both for institutional investors and issuers.
Introductory speech: Guido A. Ferrarini, Professor of Business Law and Capital Markets
Law – Università degli Studi di Genova
1. Francesco Gianni, Founder and Senior Partner – GOP (tbc)
2. Dan Konigsburg, Managing Director Corporate Governance & Public Policy – Deloitte
3. Paul Lee, Head of Corporate Governance – Aberdeen AM
4. Matteo Tiraboschi, Executive Deputy Chairman – Brembo (tbc)
5. Unicredit (tbc)
Coordinator: Rachel Sanderson, Correspondent – Financial Times (tbc)

7.00 pm


8.45 am


9.30 am

Introduction: Tommaso Corcos, Vice Chairman – Corporate Governance Committee and
Chairman – Assogestioni

9.45 am

Opening Speech: Pier Carlo Padoan, Minister of Economy – Italy

10.15 am

Corporate governance and long term decision making
Good corporate governance practices facilitate the development of meaningful long-term
relationships between shareholders and investee listed companies. Environmental, social and
governance issues affect the performance of investment portfolios by institutional investors, while
heightened attention to corporate social responsibility drives companies’ business strategies. The
panel intends to explore the opportunities stemming from the challenges posed by “integrated
Introductory speech: Gabriela Ramos, Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20 – OECD
1. Amra Balic, Head of Corporate Governance – BlackRock
2. Ugo Bassi, Director Financial Markets, FISMA – European Commission (tbc)
3. Emma Marcegaglia, Chairman – Eni
4. Mauro Moretti, CEO – Leonardo-Finmeccanica
5. Valeria Piani, Associate Director, Investor Engagements, PRI Clearinghouse – UNIPRI
Coordinator: Maurizio Sella, Chairman – Assonime

11.30 am

Coffee break

12.00 pm

The role of the shareholders and of the board of directors in the evolving context
of ownership structures
In the developing landscape of ownership structures in listed companies, the board of directors
assumes a greater role in ensuring adequate conduct of business in the interests of all shareholders
and contributing to build robust engagement procedures with institutional investors. Board composition
proves energising for board capability and performance and can help ensuring accountability vis-àvis
shareholders. The panel will discuss the developments of such internal corporate governance
mechanisms and explore options for possible future evolutions.
Introductory speech: Luca Enriques, Allen & Overy Professor of Corporate Law – University
of Oxford Faculty of Law
1. Jeanette Andrews, Corporate Governance Manager – Legal & General IM
2. Francesco Caio, CEO – Poste Italiane
3. Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman – Intesa Sanpaolo
4. Giordano Lombardo, CEO – Pioneer Investments
5. Andrea Moltrasio, Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Ubi Banca
Coordinator: Simone Chelini, Coordinator – Investment Managers’ Committee

1.15 pm

Concluding remarks: Giuseppe Vegas – Chairman, Consob